About Your Letter… is a weekly feature of PFT330.  Observations are culled from select letters to the editor published in newspapers in the 330 as well as the 216 and 412. 


In the beginning…

L.F. wrote this in yesterday’s Youngstown Vindicator:

“The 1 percent that doesn’t believe is forcing the truth out of schools.  They only want one man’s false ideas about how men and women evolved from monkeys.”

I know at least one fact on this: I wasn’t present for the start of life as we know it (although some very young people I know love to dispute that).  However, until someone irrefutably reconciles the difference between 4.5 billion years (scientific age of the earth) and 6,000 years (biblical age of the earth), I will allow for the vast possibility of things beyond our comprehension that have led to our existence today, and none of those vast possibilities – even if not found in Genesis – will shake my faith.

The “one man” to whom the writer likely refers is naturalist Charles Darwin who apparently wasn’t above making a self-effacing comment when he said, “I love fools’ experiments.  I am always making them.”  But he also described himself as someone “turned into a sort of machine for observing facts and grinding out conclusions.”  If the human race ever decides to stop observing, grinding, and concluding, we’re all in a heap o’ trouble.

Genesis Chapter 2

It must have been Creationism vs. Evolution Day yesterday because there was another letter addressing the topic in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  In a more tempered, even-handed manner G.S. wrote:

“Creationists make the mistake of believing that the Bible can be used as a scientific document, but scientific fundamentalists make the mistake of thinking that only modern analytical thinking has any value.”

G.S. makes an interesting argument that where science provides data and analysis, the Bible gives us wisdom and meaning, and together they “give us a balanced perspective of life” he says.  I’m thinking Alfred Einstein may have agreed, especially when he said, “When the solution is simple, God is answering.”

I’ll take these latter perspectives any day over the perception of a 1% Conspiracy to Force the Teaching of False Ideas.


The online Columbus-based charter school Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow is miffed because someone’s asking it to be accountable for the nearly $100 million in taxpayer money received each year from the State of Ohio.  That pesky someone is State Sen. Joe Schiavoni (D-33rd) who is leading a valiant effort to force ECOT to reveal the exact status of its on-line “attendance” which according to reports is substantially below state education standards.

Senate Minority Leader Schiavoni responded yesterday to a letter published in the Vindicator a week ago, a missive from ECOT’s Superintendent Rick Teeters published on September 4th.  Here’s a snippet of the Teeters letter:

“Schiavoni writes that ECOT has the worst graduation rate in the nation. That’s not true. In fact, ECOT graduates more students than many public schools in the nation, and there are dozens of public schools in Ohio that have a lower graduation rate than ECOT.”

Sen. Joe fired back yesterday:

“In addition, a recent investigation by the New York Times found ‘more students drop out of [ECOT] or fail to finish high school within four years than at any other school in the country, according to federal data.’”

As the late U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynahan once said, Mr. Teeters, “You’re entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts.”

I think you’ll probably be reading more about ECOT on PFT330 in the near future.  Meanwhile to our caped crusader: Keep the heat on, Joe.

Wrong channel, dude

A few days ago, MS wrote this in the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

“I listened today on CNN the Donald Trump speech on our military and foreign affairs … But when the speech was over CNN subjected me to their opinions as to what I heard. Everything they stated was the opposite of what I heard.”

Hey, MS, look at your channel guide.  The network you want is Fox News.  You’re welcome.


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