CRISIS: Opioid Addiction in the Mahoning Valley

Mahoning County saw three times as many drug overdose deaths this past January as it did in the same month a year ago.  On one single weekday in February there were twelve overdose cases including two deaths in Trumbull County.

The alarming rise in drug addiction, overdose cases, and deaths from overdoses is testing the resources of law enforcement, the judicial system, and rehabilitation programs to deal with the problem.  Just staying even with the advancing epidemic has been a real challenge.

A panel of five experts was assembled by the Brownlee Woods Neighborhood Association on Youngstown’s south side on April 27th to examine the problem and educate residents on what is being done to meet this significant problem head-on.  The panel included:

  • Hon. John M. Durkin, Mahoning County Court of Common Pleas Judge who oversees the drug court
  • Robin Lees, Youngstown Police Chief
  • Jerry Greene, Mahoning County Sheriff
  • Larry Moliterno, President/CEO of Meridian HealthCare
  • Amy Klumpp, Drug Court Coordinator for the mahoning County Mental Health & Recovery Board

By clicking on the above video, you can watch the 54-minute program.   With such a terrible problem currently in our midst, it’s worth watching.

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