Why I’m voting for Tony Sertick for judge

Sertick Trio

I hate it when I miss important things.  Things like The Vindicator editorial board’s endorsement of City Magistrate Anthony Sertick back on April 19th for the office of Youngstown municipal judge.

I ignored my own rule of “Look Before You Rant” and launched into a bit of amped-up criticism of the Vindy on Facebook when I thought they overlooked the city judge’s race. My god, I thought, the election is just two days away.  What are they doing?

I’m not going to be too contrite though, Vindy. You’ve probably published something before that deserved my ire. Or you will very likely do so in the future. So you have a credit balance on your criticism account with me, just so you know.

While a Vindicator endorsement can be both a blessing and a curse in a be-careful-what-you-wish-for kind of way, they got most of it right in endorsing Anthony Sertick, especially when they concluded with this: “This is one race in which experience directly tied to the duties of the office clearly does matter. Because of Sertick’s 16 years of seasoning in the hands-on work of the court in which he’d rule, The Vindicator endorses him for the six-year term that commences next January.”

The candidate with the most knowledge, most experience, best skills, and best temperament to sit on the bench of Youngstown Municipal Court is current municipal magistrate Anthony Sertick.  And he owns those superlatives by a wide margin over his opponent and not merely by an “edge” as granted by the Vindicator. He is honest, fair, firm, and, of the two candidates running, has the strongest understanding of the law and an exemplary command of the proper means of administering justice.

His exceptional qualifications for the judicial office being sought were on full display as he sat next to his opponent at a judicial forum hosted recently by The Salon, a progressive women’s group. Sertick was measured and detailed in his responses and explanations as you would expect from a judge.  His perspectives were quite obviously steeped in the experience of having heard thousands of cases, something he started doing as a magistrate eight years before his opponent even graduated from law school.

Like the guy in those insurance commercials, he knows a thing or two because he’s seen a thing or two.

In addition, Sertick has been in the practice of law for 25 years.  His opponent, 8.

He has been an extraordinarily good magistrate in Youngstown Municipal Court for 16 years.  His opponent has been a juvenile court magistrate since just the beginning of this year, a position she is already willing to leave.

He has invested 25 continuous years in the city of Youngstown as a resident while his opponent recently moved from Liberty to the city in order to be eligible to run for the open judicial seat.

Anthony Sertick has served his community conscientiously and with great distinction for many years.  He is more than ready to take over for the retiring Judge Robert Milich. And voters owe it to those seeking municipal court justice that the court remains in tested and experienced hands.

The verdict is Sertick. Remember that on Tuesday.

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