Jack Benny at typewriter

Postings from the 330 is written whenever he damn well feels like it by Chris Travers from an undisclosed location in northeastern Ohio’s 330 area code.

Okay, it’s Youngstown. Says so if you click About Chris Travers.

Here’s what PFT330 hopes to give you: Informed observations.  Those thoughts might be about The Latest Big Freaking Thing in the news.  Or maybe about a nice little obscure thing you should know about.  Or perhaps just some offbeat reflections on life.  No matter what, Postings from the 330 will always strive to be (choose up to three): coherent, cogent, convincing, compelling, captivating, entertaining, engrossing, engaging, enjoyable, irreverent, inspiring, interesting, pleasant, poignant, provocative, and erudite. More adjectives will be added to the list when next month’s shipment arrives.

So welcome to Postings from the 330. Like the banner says: Opinions. Unsolicited. Just because.