Green Lighting – Dark Sky – $1.7 Billion Government Secret Ops Program?


Dark Sky: $1.7 billion application
Government Secret Ops Program?


WARNING: The following involves a non-public business enterprise steamrolling their schedule with the aid of congressional contributors, a very revealing and unique photograph image led tunnel light and might not be suitable for young kids. We suggest you also relaxed your pets and lock your front door.
Program Objectives: Helpful or Sinister?

Dark Sky is the assignment codename of The International Dark Sky Association (IDA), a 501(c)3 nonprofit company whose task is to “preserve and shield the midnight environment and our history of dark skies thru fine outside lighting fixtures.”

Sounds sinister. But wait, it receives scarier. Read on:

The IDA isn’t any nerdy high faculty astronomy club seeking to get higher views of the Milky Way. With workplaces in Tucson, Belgium, and Australia, and eleven,000 participants in seventy nine international locations paying up to $10,000 every, a strong academic initiative, and a public relations system that has country wide media spotlighting them and congressional individuals writing letters to support them, IDA has been a growing star in responsible and strength-green lights.

True, all of the IDA needs is to return middle of the night skies to their led tunnel lighting natural kingdom for the sake of astronomy buffs and moonlit enthusiasts. They have located a number of ways to enchantment to a much broader audience via environmental benefits (decreasing 1.2 million tons of carbon dioxide from 6 million tons of coal or 23 million tons of oil, and greater robust animal populations) and monetary advantages ($1.7 billion of wasted money can be reclaimed through performance). And through their nicely-orchestrated public family members momentum, we can also get 2009 ENERGY STAR specifications for outdoor lights.

They really sound like a non-public region fancy, fat cat, pork-barreling special interest institution manipulating each person through public members of the family in order to serve five or ten middle participants on the fee of the rest to us. Except we are all served by means of their efforts; there is no “rest folks.”

Who’s Funding The $1.7 Billion To Light Up the USA Sky?

The answer is you and me. This is IDA’s estimate of the value of the lights that is going without delay into the U.S. Middle of the night sky. Add billions of bucks more to get the global overall.

Revealing NASA Photo Catches Everyone in the Act

A NASA composite photograph of the complete Earth suggests lighting fixtures seen from area, inclusive of the global hotspots along with the USA ($1.7 billion wasted to generate US lighting), Western Europe, Japan, and Western China.

The White House, Pentagon, and Congress . . .

IDA is becoming an unstoppable juggernaut, and an increasing number of successful in gaining wider media insurance and federal government assist. Study and research from this series carefully – it indicates a properly-orchestrated public family members method to get adjustments enacted on the country wide degree. (I neglected plenty of their local and nearby media coverage and their successes in penetrating scientific groups and professional and alternate agencies. You can see extra on their domestic page.) And anything you do, we strongly provide you with a warning to now not get in their way.