Tips on How to Wisely Spend Your Lottery Winnings

Is there a secret to improving your chances of winning the lottery jackpot? You bet there is! It took me a long time to figure it out. I would use my lottery software program to analyze lottery number patterns and trends and develop a pretty good play list for the next drawing. The key was to make sure that all 6 winning numbers were present in the play list. In that way, I knew I’d be in the running to win the jackpot with much better odds than everyone else.

But, I was so aggressive I would create a small play list to improve my chances of winning the lottery and, as a result, I would end up with only 4 or 5 of the winning numbers in my list. This happened all too often and I could go for weeks, sometimes even months, with no love. So, I stopped playing; went cold turkey until I could figure it out.

The Secret to Consistent Lottery Play

I knew that the analysis I performed with my lottery 토토사이트 software program was spot on; after all 4 or 5 of the winning numbers were appearing in my play list rather consistently and once in a while I would have all 6. So what I did was create a second list. This list contained all of the numbers in my aggressive play list plus all of the numbers that I originally felt, after my lottery software analysis, were marginal choices. These were the numbers that were killing me at drawing time; the ones I wished I had played.

But, that’s not the whole story. There’s more. This part took some discipline on my part. I split my lottery budget into two parts; one part for my aggressive play list and one part for my backup list. Here is the real secret. Being an aggressive player, I wanted to bet most of my budget on the aggressive play list. But, I knew this was wrong. So, if I had a $30 budget, I would put $10 on the aggressive list and $20 on the backup list. This worked out great and here’s why.

If all 6 winning numbers were in my aggressive play list, they were also in my backup list giving me 30 wagers with a chance of winning the lottery (or lesser prizes). If all 6 were not in my aggressive list, then I still had my backup list. And, many more times than not my backup would come through.

Play Like the Pros

This technique is used by businesses, farmers and professional gamblers the world over. It’s called hedging your bets. Another way to say it is ‘Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket’. Businesses and farmers invest in the Futures Market as a hedge against unforeseen events that could wipe them out. Professional gamblers that play the horses bet their favorite horse to Win but back it up with a bet for their horse to Win-Place-Show (just in case).